Think left and think right and think low and think high.
Oh, the things you can think up if only you try.  Dr. Seuss
Boxes Of Love
Watching the news and seeing the damage I knew that I had to do something for all the kids and families
that had lost everything they owned.

After a lot of brainstorming and trying to figure out what I, a 10 year old girl could do to help, it came to
me that I had to go and take the kids something to hold onto and call their own.  I decided to fill boxes
with items such as hygiene items, snacks and toys for the kids.  

The decision to go was easy for me but I gotta tell you convincing my parents to take me was a whole
different story, you see, they also wanted to help but thought going into an area so devastated would
not be safe.  After some convincing we agreed that if I could collect 200 boxes for the families we would

I started by making a list of items I wanted to take and asking everyone I knew and a lot of people that I
didn't know to help by donating these items.  I went to local businesses and talked to the owners about
my plan and asking for help.  Before I knew it things were piling up all over the place.  We had 300
Kool-aid cups donated with enough Kool-aid to fill them all.  We had coloring books, colors, stickers and
enough items to fill over 300 boxes for the kids.  I recieved over  150 Barbies and enough Buzz
Lightyear's and Woody dolls to fill all the little boys boxes.  The outpouring of donations from my
community was so amazing and more then I ever expected.  

This is how Boxes Of Love was born.
(The pictures on this page were taken while we were packing all the boxes.
I'd like to say a special Thank you to my Grandma and Papa for allowing
me to take over their house during this time.)  Love My'Kah
Boxes Of Love Inc.™