Boxes Of Love
Mission Statement
To make a difference in the lives
of children that has been
disrupted by a tragedy or
disaster.  By providing toy’s,
snacks and other tangible items
that they can call their own, we
will give the child back a small
sense of security and the
heartfelt knowledge that they are
not alone. Our goal is to show
children that no matter how big a
loss they have suffered there are
people who care about what is
happening in their lives.
We are at Children's Haven after
delivering Boxes Of Love to the many
children that call it home. Pictured and
with me are Chiara top right, Tabitha
bottom left and Morgan bottom right.  I
didn't know Chiara and Morgan when I
started this but a few phone calls were
made to see if anyone wanted to help
and they joined in, bringing over 200
Boxes from their community.  We all
shared in making memories that none
of us will ever forget and new
Having a Kool-Aid party at the
Joplin Boys and Girls club with
kids that was staying there
after the tornado.
Delivering Boxes filled for
the babies in the NICU to
Ronald McDonald House in
Joplin, Mo.
It is fun to have fun but you have to know how.  Dr. Seuss
Boxes Of Love Inc.™