Joplin, Missouri
July 2011
These are pictures
that were taken
during our time in
Joplin.  Pictured with
me are my amazing
pageant sisters
Tabitha, Chiara and
little Morgan.  This
was the first time that
I had met Chiara and
Morgan. After
hearing about my
project they collected
over 200 boxes and
drove to Joplin to
help.  What a
blessing they and
their mom's are in the
lives that they touch.
Thank you so much
ladies I will never
forget the time spent
together that
While in Joplin we had fun handing out 300 cups of kool-aid at the Joplin Boys and Girls club and visited Children's Haven a
home for children with no family.  We also spent time at the Ronald McDonald house where we took Boxes Of Love filled
especially for the NICU babies and their families.  Along with handing out all the Boxes Of Love we had a very busy weekend.  
To see people sleeping in tents on concrete and hear the stories of lost loved ones was heart breaking, a lot of tears were shed
by all of us but in the end we all went away from it stronger and grateful for the things in our lives and the memories that we
made.  Making others smile in such a sad time is the greatest feeling in the world.
Boxes Of Love Inc.™