When I was almost 5 years old I learned that there were kids that didn't have books of their own.  I decided
that I would give them books.  I started asking everyone for books for my 5th birthday so I could give them to
other children.  That year I received 107 books from friends and family.  This became a annual event for my
birthday parties and to date I have donated over 5000 books to low income schools in my community.  From
this project I learned the importance of community service and realized that helping those in need is my
passion.  I have done over 4000 lifetime hours of community service and have been blessed by my amazing
support team which consist of my family, friends, pageant directors, coaches, and pageant sisters all who
have supported me in my many service activities.  At 7 years old I decided to have a father/daughter dance
fund raiser to buy more books.  We had 21 couples attend and had so much fun while raising money for a
very good cause.  This was my first big event that I planned and I learned so much about what goes into
planning an event.  I started Boxes Of Love when I was 10 years old, at the time I thought it would be a one
time community service to help the kids in Joplin, Missouri after a tornado hit their city and shattered their
lives.  This by far is my biggest project to date.  I spent the next 2 months talking to people, collecting items,
promoting it to the public and fund raising for this trip.  When we pulled into Joplin and seen the devastation I
realized that everything I take for granted could be gone in the blink of an eye.  This is when I decided that I
could do so much more for other children that lost everything due to a disaster or tragedy in their life.   Boxes
Of Love Joplin has taught me to be grateful for the little things in life that most people take for granted.  I also
learned that it truly is not the size of a gift that matters it's the fact that someone took the time to give you a
gift that truly matters.  I couldn't give them back everything they had lost, what I did give these children was
something they could hold onto and call their own, a little sense of security that many of them had lost. I
know that through community service I have learned so many skills that I will take with me in life as I look
ahead to completing Jr. High, high school and college.  The most important thing I feel I have learned is to
always give more then you take in life, there is always someone out there with far less to be thankful for then
you have.
Did you know that I am a pageant girl?  I started competing when I was 5 years old and fell in love with the stage the first time I stepped
out there.  I love the theater and have appeared in Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Annie and Suessical the Musical twice.  I
dream of appearing on Broadway someday.  I study with a vocal coach and am an honor roll student.  I also spent 6 years dancing
competitively and 4 years as a competitive cheerleader.
Founder of Boxes Of Love Inc.™
My'Kah Knowlin
Boxes Of Love Inc.™